Applications in health sector

IKIC Health offers sustainable and smart solutions for the controlled transport and storage of medicines and vaccines in the last mile. With our modular passive cold chain technology, we address the challenge of keeping temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines within their prescribed temperature range without access to electricity for various durations.
To date, many temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines are wasted because of temperature fluctuations, especially in the last mile of the cold chain: up to 37% in low- and middle-income countries and 14% in high income countries.

We are developing different types of health carriers,
each designed to meet specific needs in the supply chain

IKIC Green is a smart health carrier designed to transport medicines and vaccines to pharmacies and health centers in the most efficient way possible. It has a guaranteed passive cold chain for up to 48 hours and completely eliminates the risk of vaccine and medicine freezing. Users can check the remaining cold chain duration in our mobile application, and reuse the carrier for one or more logistic cycles, resulting in significant efficiency gains.

IKIC Autonomy is both a transport and a storage solution designed to supply local health centers which are located in areas without stable energy access. IKIC Autonomy has a guaranteed cold chain for up to 10 days and comes with additional IoT sensors:

Users are able to monitor the inside temperature, the remaining cold chain duration and the carrier location. The opening and closing of the box is managed via our user authentication and smart lock functionality. Moreover, the mobile app offers inventory management capabilities to improve vaccine and medicine availability in remote areas.

IKIC Outreach is considered our most advanced solution. It is developed to support outreach and mobile vaccination activities in hard-to-reach locations. The design of the IKIC Outreach carrier is the most imaginative as it is made modular so that the box can keep vaccines and medicines within the required temperature range for 1, 10, or even 20 days. This carrier has been equipped with state-of-the-art IoT that monitors the entire process. 

IKIC Hub is an off-grid micro storage unit of temperature-sensitive vaccines and medicines arriving by drone transport in remote areas. The IKIC hub is able to share its exact location to the drone for delivery and is equipped with user authentication and inventory management capabilities.

To achieve passive cooling, IKIC together with Snomaster, is developing a hybrid and mobile charging station. The IKIC Green Charger is an off-grid solution, powered through solar panels designed to charge the thermostatic batteries before placing them in the IKIC health carriers.

Our aim is to provide an innovative solution that can help improve access to vaccines and medicines in underserved communities, ensuring their quality and effectiveness. 

We are always looking to partnering with (impact) investors, potential project partners, and customers who share our vision for a sustainable, accessible, and efficient healthcare system for all.


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