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IKIC Milk Link is a solution designed to address the issue of milk cooling on the farm for small scale farmers in low and middle income countries. In these countries, milk production is often done on a small scale, with farmers owning just a few cows or even one cow. These farmers face challenges when it comes to milk preservation, particularly when the milk needs to be transported to processing facilities or markets. The lack of a functioning cold chain in these areas results in significant milk spoilage and food loss, with up to 23% of milk production being lost due to inadequate cooling and storage.

To address this problem, the IKIC Milk Link provides a passive cold storage and transportation solution for smallholder dairy farmers in low and middle income countries. The technology consists of an insulation cover for milk cans and a removable chain of spheric thermostatic batteries, filled with a natural phase-changing material. Both the number of batteries and the size of the insulation cover are adaptable to meet specific needs of various milk supply chains. The thermostatic batteries are cooled in a solar freezer and then inserted into the milk can, where they help to rapidly cool and preserve the milk at a temperature below 4°C for at least 24 hours.

The IKIC Milk Link technology has the potential to significantly improve the livelihoods of smallholder dairy farmers in low and middle income countries by reducing food loss and increasing income. Furthermore, the technology is based on renewable energy and ensures the controlled cold chain storage and transport of milk, thereby contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of reducing food loss and increasing income in low- and middle-income countries.